Hard Stop.

Hello from quarantine! 

What a historical time we are all living through right now! I know it's been crazy for our chapter in that we've had to reschedule our CRC that we've been working so hard to plan for longer than I'd like to admit. It has been a whirlwind of phone calls and meetings with the region about what we are going to do. We are still subject to change but as of this post, our conference is rescheduled for October 25th to October 27th. Keep your eyes on this page for any and all updates. It has been no walk in the park (because it's closed to the public) but just like in our everyday jobs - the health of the public is our NUMBER 1 priority.

We are needed more than ever now to ensure our design keeps the air we breathe clean. Wouldn't it be great if after this pandemic that the public started to want high quality air filtration on all of the air handling units from now on? We must remember, that after every great hardship this country faces, our industry responds with new codes and higher standards. Hopefully we can handle this with some cost-efficient solutions! 

At the society level, ASHRAE has been very responsive to this crisis. Visit their COVID page for resources that have been provided and to read about what we are going to do about it! How incredible that we are poised to help in such a big way should another airborne virus befall our planet. It's time to think outside the box and make sure we are prepared and protected from airborne illness with our HVAC designs and products. 

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This will be over soon. We will all go back to work. Our economy will reboot. Everything is going to be fine! 

Stay cool...

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Best. Year. Ever.

The 2019-2020 term is a big one for our chapter. We've known it was coming for a long time now and we're ready.

It's the debut year for our website. This one! We got it up at the beginning of the summer and it's ready to serve our functioning chapter for the year. It will be so much easier to create and distribute content to members, it's a breeze to make events and invite everyone to meetings, and we look so much more put-together to the surfing non-member or student. 

Next spring is our turn to host the CRC! We've declined to host in the recent past because our chapter has not had the strength to pull it off, but here we are now - better than ever! Planning is moving right along and the sponsorships are starting to roll in. There really is support for our chapter in the area and interested professionals who are eager to register! We can't wait to showcase our city and our chapter with a great conference!

Speaking of sponsors, this year we have decided to include them in even more ways by offering opportunities to help with funding our meetings in whole or in part. The response from sponsors for our last spring seminar has made it abundantly clear that we have the support from our area sponsors!

More new ideas are being integrated into our year this year – we will be trying to have a January meeting for the first time in ages. It will be a laid back occasion, possibly shorter on the technical side than our other typical meetings, and a little more on the fun get together side of things. I believe a Rivermen game is in the running…

Let's Go    Rivs!

Finally – this year is going to be big big BIG for students and YEA! We can’t wait to incorporate more young faces in our ranks and on our committees. So get the word out and bring in your friends. Students and young professionals are the future to our chapter!

And although it's hard to believe... this is only the beginnning. CI-ASHRAE is poised to grow bigger than ever in the coming years. 

Stay Cool,


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All the Presidents!

Our Past Presidents page just got a lot longer with the addition of a ton of our predessors I gleaned from an old product directory! Did you know we used to print our presidential history on product directories like that?

I see some names on there that I recognize! 

Our chapter's history is a unique one - we're always changing. From our meeting spot, to our leadership and even how we put out our product directory. This is the first year we will have a digital product directory so this picture above will never be produced again. 

As President-Elect officially today, it's just now dawining on me that I'll make that list soon. Forever written (or typed) alongside these leaders that came before me. How exciting! 

If you're into this kind of stuff, it might interest you to head on over to Society's website and check out the past presidents of our entire organization. They all had a theme, something they wanted to accomplish in their term. It's neat to try and match it with what history was happening at the time in the world around them. We will soon also be history to the young engineers we are grooming today to take our places! 

Pretty deep thoughts for a Monday...


Stay cool,

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Aaaand, We're LIVE!

Everyone calm down! The wait is over! 

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Central Illiniois ASHRAE has made the leap and is now amongst the cooler chapters in Region VI with a newfangled and flashy website. It's time to really let the world know who we are and what we're passionate about! Sound like a lot of hot air? Oh ho! See what I did there? It's not only hot air, but cool air too! Depending on your comfort level... 

We've really got it all now in life. We've got a calendar that handles our meetings with ease where you can register and pay but also see content from older meetings if it comes up in conversation somewhere and you can't quite remember that one thing that one guy said that one time...

We're working on a sweet product directory where only the coolest of the cool can sponsor our cause and show off their logo. But the party won't stop there! There will be sponsorship opportunities for our meetings and special events (like our annual Golf Outing or the 2020 Region VI CRC being hosted in Peoria)! And it will be all so easy to sign up!

We've got job postings, resume postings, all kinds of postings! And taking suggestions for more! Have you got a posting? Post about it below! We'll get to it post haste!

The energy is HIGH here at CIASHRAE and our members are PUMPED to roll this website out! Well, as excited as a group of engineers get. I mean, we took the calculators, notepads and pens out of our shirt pockets before we jumped up in the air and pumped our fists. But fists have been pumped!

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So welcome! Welcome to our new website. I invite you to browse around and check out all our content. It's young and will grow fast with content so bookmark us and visit often! 


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Stay cool,

-your new favorite blogger -


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