All the Presidents!

Our Past Presidents page just got a lot longer with the addition of a ton of our predessors I gleaned from an old product directory! Did you know we used to print our presidential history on product directories like that?

I see some names on there that I recognize! 

Our chapter's history is a unique one - we're always changing. From our meeting spot, to our leadership and even how we put out our product directory. This is the first year we will have a digital product directory so this picture above will never be produced again. 

As President-Elect officially today, it's just now dawining on me that I'll make that list soon. Forever written (or typed) alongside these leaders that came before me. How exciting! 

If you're into this kind of stuff, it might interest you to head on over to Society's website and check out the past presidents of our entire organization. They all had a theme, something they wanted to accomplish in their term. It's neat to try and match it with what history was happening at the time in the world around them. We will soon also be history to the young engineers we are grooming today to take our places! 

Pretty deep thoughts for a Monday...


Stay cool,

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