Best. Year. Ever.

The 2019-2020 term is a big one for our chapter. We've known it was coming for a long time now and we're ready.

It's the debut year for our website. This one! We got it up at the beginning of the summer and it's ready to serve our functioning chapter for the year. It will be so much easier to create and distribute content to members, it's a breeze to make events and invite everyone to meetings, and we look so much more put-together to the surfing non-member or student. 

Next spring is our turn to host the CRC! We've declined to host in the recent past because our chapter has not had the strength to pull it off, but here we are now - better than ever! Planning is moving right along and the sponsorships are starting to roll in. There really is support for our chapter in the area and interested professionals who are eager to register! We can't wait to showcase our city and our chapter with a great conference!

Speaking of sponsors, this year we have decided to include them in even more ways by offering opportunities to help with funding our meetings in whole or in part. The response from sponsors for our last spring seminar has made it abundantly clear that we have the support from our area sponsors!

More new ideas are being integrated into our year this year – we will be trying to have a January meeting for the first time in ages. It will be a laid back occasion, possibly shorter on the technical side than our other typical meetings, and a little more on the fun get together side of things. I believe a Rivermen game is in the running…

Let's Go    Rivs!

Finally – this year is going to be big big BIG for students and YEA! We can’t wait to incorporate more young faces in our ranks and on our committees. So get the word out and bring in your friends. Students and young professionals are the future to our chapter!

And although it's hard to believe... this is only the beginnning. CI-ASHRAE is poised to grow bigger than ever in the coming years. 

Stay Cool,


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