Hard Stop.

Hello from quarantine! 

What a historical time we are all living through right now! I know it's been crazy for our chapter in that we've had to reschedule our CRC that we've been working so hard to plan for longer than I'd like to admit. It has been a whirlwind of phone calls and meetings with the region about what we are going to do. We are still subject to change but as of this post, our conference is rescheduled for October 25th to October 27th. Keep your eyes on this page for any and all updates. It has been no walk in the park (because it's closed to the public) but just like in our everyday jobs - the health of the public is our NUMBER 1 priority.

We are needed more than ever now to ensure our design keeps the air we breathe clean. Wouldn't it be great if after this pandemic that the public started to want high quality air filtration on all of the air handling units from now on? We must remember, that after every great hardship this country faces, our industry responds with new codes and higher standards. Hopefully we can handle this with some cost-efficient solutions! 

At the society level, ASHRAE has been very responsive to this crisis. Visit their COVID page for resources that have been provided and to read about what we are going to do about it! How incredible that we are poised to help in such a big way should another airborne virus befall our planet. It's time to think outside the box and make sure we are prepared and protected from airborne illness with our HVAC designs and products. 

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This will be over soon. We will all go back to work. Our economy will reboot. Everything is going to be fine! 

Stay cool...

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