Caucus #2 Planning

October 29, 2020
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Business meetings are required for the chapter Delegates and Alternates and are open to all members of Society, unless otherwise noted. If discussion is required of a sensitive issue, proprietary or of a personal nature, an Executive Session may be called. The Executive Session would have limited attendance, including chapter delegates and alternates and the regional Nominating Committee member, alternate and reserve alternate, and excluding any current Society Board member. The purposes of the Caucus are:

  • To elect a member, alternate and reserve alternate to serve on the Society Nominating Committee.
  • To make recommendations for appointments to Society Membership Promotion, Student Activities, Research Promotion, Government Affairs, Young Engineers in ASHRAE and Chapter Technology Transfer Committees.
  • To make recommendations for Society elective offices.
  • To recommend nominees for DRC, ARC, and RMCR.
  • To suggest appointments to Society committees.
  • To recommend candidates to receive Society honors and awards.
  • To select recipients of regional award of merit and chapter service award.