Business Session #2

October 31, 2020
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Business meetings are required for the chapter Delegates and Alternates and are open to all members of Society, unless otherwise noted. Business meetings are the official meetings of the Chapters Regional Committee. This committee receives and reviews:

  • Reports on chapter operations
  • Suggestions concerning Society policies and procedures (motions)
  • Problems concerning chapter operations

If discussion is required of a sensitive issue, proprietary or of a personal nature, an Executive Session may be called, during which only members of the committe and other individuals invited by the chair will remain present.

Each chapter CRC Action Committee brings forward any motions collected from its chapter members to enhance regional, chapter or Society activity. These motions will be presented by the delegate during the business session at the CRC where they can be discussed and voted on, following Robert's Rules of Order. Motions and resolutions coming out of the CRC can be most effective if presented in proper form. A fine conceptual resolution can be lost in the legislative process at Society level for want of proper wording, background explanation or research. Additional information concerning motions and resolutions can be found in Appendix BB and Appendix BC of the ASHRAE CRC Guidelines document.  The purpose of the appendices is to furnish suggestions for proper development of motions and procedures to funnel the motion into the correct committees.