Welcome Party

October 29, 2020
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM


Traditionally, the Welcome Party would kick off the entire conference, but for this virtual event, the Welcome Party will transition us from workshops and tech sessions into the full group CRC events we all love, including the Keynote Address, Presidential Address and the Awards Celebration! 

While we can't hang out in person and show off the Peoria Riverfront as we had hoped, we do have some fun planned for the evening.

  • Trivia Challenge - with questions created just for our CRC! Topics will include HVAC, Peoria history and some odds and ends. The winner will receive a $250 Amazon gift card.
  • Sponsor Booths - After trivia, drop by the virtual sponsor booths (otherwise known as Zoom breakout rooms*) for a chance to chat with our 20/20 Visionary, 20/25 Insightful and 20/30 Perceptive Sponsors. 
  • Raffle - Collect a code from every sponsor booth to be entered into a raffle for another $250 Amazon gift card.
  • After Party - Mix and mingle the new-fashioned way! There will be additional Zoom breakout rooms* set up just for chatting. Let your friends know which Meet you'll be in or just drop into one at random and see who's around!

*Links to the Sponsor Booths and After Party breakout rooms will be provided at the Trivia Challenge.