Awards Celebration

October 31, 2020
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM


If you'd asked us last year what the best way to kick off Halloween 2020 was going to be, we never would have guessed our answer would be "By attending the Region VI CRC Awards Celebration!!", but here we are! 
Join us at noon on October 31 (in costume, if you dare! but more on that later...) to celebrate the 2018-2019 award-winning Chapters and individuals from Region VI in what can only be described as an unprecedented (*audible group groan*) awards ceremony.
In addition to the annual awards, this year marks the turnover to our newest DRC, Rick Hermans! The previous DRC, Mr. Benjamin Skelton, will be doing the honors as emcee as the traditional box o' stuff and all its history are passed along.
Throughout the celebration, presenters, award winners, attendees and attendee family members are invited to participate in a Halloween costume contest! What's that? You have questions? Great! We have answers:
  • Can any attendee enter the costume contest? Yes! Just answer "yes" to the ticket question:  "Will you be participating in the costume contest?" when you register.
  • What kind of costumes are we talking about here?  Family-friendly costumes - remember, there's a "family" category in this contest!
  • Did you say "category"? What categories are there?  Region Officers, Chapter Presidents / Delegates, General Attendees, Spouses/Significant Others, Children 
  • How are the winners selected?  Our panel of mystery judges will be responsible for that. 
  • What do the winners receive?  That's another'll have to come see for yourself!

Registration is open now! Get signed up and start planning your costume!! Or at least get signed up and plan to watch a bunch of other Region VI folks in costumes :-)