Region VI CRC 2020 - Virtual Event


Region VI just proved in spades that it's the people that make the event. Vision 2020 was not what anyone could have foreseen, even with perfect vision (ha!), but because of the amazing people in the Central Illinois Chapter, Region VI and ASHRAE in general, it was still a fantastic event! A huge THANK YOU:

To all the Vision 2020 attendees, for showing up with positive attitudes and a willingness to learn along with us. 

To our CI-ASHRAE CRC Committee and their families, friends and companies, for giving of their time to plan, re-plan, all-but-lose-hope-for, and then re-imagine and execute this conference all while experiencing the general craziness of 2020 in their personal and work lives. 

To our speakers, for adjusting to date, time, and extreme venue changes.

To our sponsors, for sticking with us and showing their support through more than just their monetary donations, even as we changed our promises to them on the fly. Be sure to check out their logos / links on this page!

We'll see you all at the 2021 CRC hosted by the Northeast Wisconsin Chapter!

Whether you were able to attend the live events or not, you can check out the following fantastic presentations whenever you have time!

Keynote Address
Presidential Address
DRC Transition

The History Displays are also still available for viewing, as well as the sponsors, speakers and schedule.

20/20 Visionary Sponsor

Along with many other conferences contending with the continued unknowns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the "Vision 2020" Region VI CRC has been reenvisioned to become a fully virtual event. Rather than 2.5 glorious days spent basking in the beauty of Peoria, Illinois, conference attendees will have the opportunity to pick and choose from workshops and webinars spread across 2.5 weeks from the comfort of their own desks (kitchen tables, couches, etc.)!

Thanks to our supportive sponsors, speakers and Region officers for making this transformation possible!

Region VI is comprised of 11 chapters in the Midwest, including St. Louis in the south, up through Iowa to Minnesota and into North Dakota, over to Wisconsin, and back down through Chicago and Central Illinois. This conference typically draws about 200 attendees, most of whom are ASHRAE members and are highly involved in the HVAC industry. As a virtual event, we have the opportunity to reach an even wider audience and allow attendees to participate in more CRC events than ever.

We'll get started Friday, October 16 with a workshop for Chapter Delegates and Alternates and wrap-up Monday, November 2 with the CRC debrief for the host Chapter CRC committee, Region officers, Society visitors and upcoming CRC committee chairs. In between, there will be Chapter workshops, technical sessions anchored in our theme of "Vision 2020", a Welcome Party social event, Keynote Address (by President-Elect Mick Schwedler), Presidential Address (by current President Chuck Gulledge) and our Region VI Awards Ceremony.    

This year, in addition to the annual recognition of award winners, the Awards Ceremony will also include the traditional passing of the box to our newest Region VI DRC, Rick Hermans AND a once-in-a-lifetime Region VI Costume Contest! Mark your calendar now - the Awards Ceremony is slated for noon on Saturday, October 31. Yep, that's Halloween. But don't worry, we'll wrap up early enough for you to sport your costumes for whatever other festivities you have planned.

Thank you again to all our incredible sponsors!


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