Spring 2020 Newsletter

Into the Unknown

Things have been a little crazy right now, and there are a lot of unknowns, but hopefully as the temperatures rise, our spirits will too!

We were bummed to have to push back the CRC, but as Jamie said in her blog post on April 23, priority NUMBER 1 is the health of the public. The current rescheduled date for the conference is October 25th through October 27th, but you can find any new information or updates here.

As soon as we get the green light, you will also be hearing from us about future meetings. So stay tuned! 

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8th Annual Golf Outing

Dust off your golf clubs because the Golf Outing is just around the corner! The 8th Annual Central Illinois ASHRAE Golf Outing is scheduled to take place on September 14, 2020 at the El Paso Golf Club. More details about the event and course-specific social distancing guidelines are still to follow, so keep checking those emails!

While you're at it, add September 16, 2020 to your calendars for the Rockford ASHRAE Golf Outing!

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Quarantine Reading

If you have run through your reading material during your time in quarantine, look no further! Here are some great reads that we have found to fill any extra time that you might have:

The ASHRAE COVID page has tons of resources documenting how the HVAC world is adapting to this crisis. These unprecedented times call on us to look at solutions from different angles, and it's amazing how much our field can do to prevent the spread of airborne illnesses.

If you're looking for some material to give you a break from all the madness, check these out! This article covers the use of infrared reflecting paint to keep buildings cool, and Wyss Institute's studies on a system that cools without adding humidity is documented here.

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We would like to congratulate all of the new CI ASHRAE officers and thank all of those who have held a position over the past year! Thank you all for stepping up to the plate to help strengthen our Chapter!

2019-2020 Chapter President: Dave Evers
2020-2021 Successor: Jamie Moehling

President Elect
2019-2020 Chair: Jamie Moehling
2020-2021 Successor: John Goorsky

2019-2020 Chair: Luke Knapp
2020-2021 Continue to Chair: Luke Knapp

Chapter Technology Transfer (CTTC)
2019-2020 Chair: John Goorsky
2020-2021 Continue to Chair: John Goorsky
We are IN NEED of CTTC Committee Members!

Electronic Communications
2019-2020 Chair: Monica Whetstone
2020-2021 Continue to Chair: Monica Whetstone

Membership Promotion
2019-2020 Chair: Tommy Bissmeyer
2020-2021 Successor: IN NEED

Research Promotion
2019-2020 Chair: Chris Willett
2020-2021 Successor: Dave Evers

Student Activities
2019-2020 Chair: Adam Oertley
2020-2021 Continue to Chair: Adam Oertley

Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA)
2019-2020 Chair: Luke Peterson
2020-2021 Successor: IN NEED

Government Activities
2019-2020 Chair: Jamie Moehling
2020-2021 Successor: IN NEED

2019-2020 Chair: Samantha Bichsel
2020-2021 Continue to Chair: Samantha Bichsel

2020-2021 Chair: IN NEED

2019-2020 Chair: Ryan Holmes
2020-2021 Continue to Chair: Ryan Holmes

Product Directory
2019-2020 Chair: Jeff Bilsland
2020-2021 Continue to Chair: IN NEED

Golf Outing
2020 Chair: Tommy Bissmeyer

Spring Seminar
2020-2021 Chair: IN NEED

If YOU are interested in serving as a board or committee member (especially one of the unfilled positions), please contact Jamie Moehling ([email protected]) or Ashleigh Brown ([email protected])! You are also welcome to attend the upcoming Board Transition Meeting on Tuesday, June 9, 2020 from 5:30-6:30 PM. Contact Jamie or Ashleigh (emails above) for more meeting details!

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Happy Birthday!

Best wishes to our members with birthdays in March, April, and May!

  • Mr Charles H Ahlenius
  • Mr Jason Ayres
  • Mr Jeffrey L Bilsland
  • Mr Roger W Bilsland
  • Dr Clark W Bullard
  • Mr John M Fleming
  • Mr James N Gleason
  • Mr John J Goorsky
  • Mr Brian J Moore
  • Mr Carlos E Vargas, PE
  • Mr Luke Wirtz
  • Ms Samantha A Bichsel 
  • Mr Thomas J Bissmeyer
  • Mr John P Brose
  • Mr Ryan D Holmes, PE
  • Mr Joseph A.J. Knochel
  • Mr John M Prince, PE
  • Mr Danny Joe Akens
  • Mr Charles L Amacher
  • Mr Mark Stephen Bell
  • Mr David J Evers
  • Dr Yuping Gao, PhD
  • Mr Terry L Hargrove
  • Mr Hongliang Qian
  • Mr Alec J Quick
  • Mr Steven E Runyan
  • Mr Drew D Schmidt
  • Mr Wesley B Slough
  • Mr Matthew M Swanson

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Laughing is Exhausting

Just a little preparation for upcoming temperatures...

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